R & D at Akhuwat Health

Akhuwat Health Services believes in integrated approach of socioeconomic development of the society of Pakistan. We offer life interventions of various nature to uplift the development scale and raise life quality index of the poor. Our services encompass prevention, education and complication management in health.

We generate voluminous of data related to health indicators and develop analysis. Our data is valid, well-recorded and collected through unbiased procedures. We strongly believe in the progress through R&D and use of technical expertise for doing research-based analysis. We have expertise of Centre for Surveys and Data Management, IRP associated with us for professional research activities.

We also value partnership in research and welcome other national and international partners for joint research projects.

Akhuwat Health Services generates data related to diabetes on priority basis. We arrange free diabetes camps in remote areas and capture data on various variables of interest in diabetes. We do extensive record keeping efforts for daily diabetes care, foot care and diabetes care provided through ediabetes program.

We have raw data, added data, coded data and developed reports on diabetes care.


Mustafa Ghoursi
Centre for Surveys and Data Management, IRP