Akhuwat Health Model

Akhuwat Health is committed to bring a shift in societys approach towards health. Akhuwat Health tries to promote the culture of prevention in health and educates the people to live a healthy life. Akhuwat Health aims to establish chain of model clinics with active involvement of local society. Akhuwat Health intends to interact with the families, initiate life interventions in collaboration with local community and generate higher impact in improving health condition of poor community.

Akhuwat Health aims to accomplish its targets in four areas:

  1. Preventive Health services
    To promote primary health care practices in the poor and middle class community
  2. Promotive Health Services
    To increase health awareness to inspire people for quality and healthy life
  3. Curative Health Services
    To provide curative services to better manage the complications
  4. Referral Health Services
    To help people to access quality health service at affordable cost from other sources
  5. Rehabilitative Health Services
    To address the issues of physical, mental and social disabilities

Activities at Akhuwat Health Centers

Akhuwat Health aims to develop a credible name in the area of health management and services. Akhuwat Health aims to conduct a wide range of activities to promote healthy life in the society.

We perform various tasks through Akhuwat Helath Centers like:

  1. Model clinics and medical centers
  2. Medical camps
  3. Mobile dispensaries
  4. Health awareness seminars
  5. Linkages and collaboration with health services providers
  6. Health related research and development
  7. Laboratory services
  8. Health related professional trainings
  9. Promotional campaigns on health issues
  10. Community mobilization for quality and healthy life